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Why Seal Asphalt?

When new asphalt is laid in place it starts to age. Over time the asphalt starts to deteriorate from the water, ultraviolet rays from the sun and many other reasons causing it to breakdown.


Applying Seal-Cote to your asphalt stops the asphalt from further breakdown against destructive elements and increases the life of the surface


Sealing cracks is just as important as sealing the asphalt. When cracks occur they should be filled with either hot or cold crack filler. Cracks that are a quarter inch or smaller, the seal product would seal. Not sealing your cracks causes water to penetrate in and starts the underlying base to start a failing process


There are many occassions that we seal within the first few months. Seal under normal conditions will last approximately four to five years. We recommend both residential and commercial properties asphalt surfaces are examined yearly.


Your asphalt has cost a large amount of money. Applying a coat of Seal-Cote every few years will extend the life of your asphalt and is a very small investment compared to the price of new asphalt.